About Me

I have an extreme passion for teaching mathematics.  When I fell in love with teaching math at the age of sixteen, I knew
that is what I was meant to do. Teaching math is in my blood and in my soul. I want to continue to improve myself so that I can one day become known as one of the best math instructors in the world. I love working with other people and learning from others. I believe what Socrates taught. He said that the wisest man in the world is the man who knows that he knows nothing. As we learn, we realize that there is so much more that we do not know. As a result of that reality,
we should always be striving to learn as much as we can every second of our lives. I strive to learn everyday. I will never stop my pursuit of learning how to become a better math teacher and mentor.

My experience, proven passion and proven successful results will definitely help you master your math class beginning today!!!

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